It is the expectation of the manor that families/friends visiting the home demonstrate behavior that reflects integrity, supports objectively, and fosters trust in the professional activities. The staff/family of residents strive to improve the personal competence and quality of service. The staff/families protects the confidentiality of primary and secondary health as mandated by law, professional standards and employees standards. Those families promote to others the tenets of confidentiality.
Services that you can take advantage of Foot Care
Is provided by Joe Luois and is $40.00 per visit. Families will either be invoiced by Joe for the service or payments can be made by residents the day of service. This is done approximately every six(6) weeks. If you do not wish to have this service then the family will be responsible to have clients foot care provided by alternative professionals. Staff does not perform this task or shaving etc.
Hair Care
Is provided by Kimberly Levy our In-house hair stylist, prices are affordable and depending on what services are requested. Families/residents pay Lynn on the day of service.
Pastoral Service / Spiritual and religious/ Communion
Our staff respects all spiritual and religious affiliations and encourage visits to the home by spiritual adviser's and encourage attendance at local church services.
Policies & Procedures for Medications, Doctors Appointment & Prescriptions
~Doctors orders, over the counter medication/ointments, order for injection all needs to have a written order from the physician for the home to be able to administer. Families can not give instructions or administer medications.
~Medications, including over the counter medication such as Tylenol or cough syrup, are not allowed in residents rooms.
~ Families are responsible to take their loved ones to doctors appointment and to relay information that the doctor has given back to the staff and inform of next appointment (if applicable)
~Meadow Valley Manor Inc is not responsible for paying for medication; however we will take prescriptions and fax them to Pharmasave (parkway mall) who will deliver the medication to the home. Families leave a credit card with Pharmasave. Subsidized residents receive a subsidy to cover some drugs/depends/diabetic needs. Check with your case manager to see if you qualify.
~It is important that if a resident is discharged from hospital on the weekend that the families ensure that the home has proper medication, especially if client is taken out to clinic late in the afternoon as our pharmacy we deal with is closed at 6:00pm on Sunday evening.
Prior to the Day of Admission
~ The manor will provide all necessary furniture, however if you wish to bring your own that is encouraged as well. Remember less is more. Single bed, dresser, T.V. (cable is provided by the home) and/or phone (there is a jack in all rooms but phone services are not covered by the home). Towels, bedding, facecloths, pillows, and some of there favourite things are encouraged as well.
~Toiletries, such as shampoo, toothpaste etc are the responsibility of the family.
~The manor will not be responsible for any valuables. The manor encourages families to keep valuables with them or suggests that they be kept locked up in a safe. It is strongly encouraged just not to bring these things with you.
~Families cannot bring in walkers, bed-rails or any other adaptation that is not prescribed by the appropriate health care professional/written order is needed on chart.
~You will also need to bring all current medication.
~The home requires that we have the “Resident Medical Report” filled out by the family physician.
On Admission Day
~Meadow Valley Manor Inc requires 12 post dated cheques, including payment for the current month that the resident enters the home. Even if resident is fully subsidized payments is still required until the home receives finances for social development. Payments are due the first of every month.
~All medications, including over the counter medications need to be given to staff.
~The home also requires a copy of POA and/or DNR (if applicable), as well we require a list of current medications.
Additional Info
~ We encourage family/friends to visit but ask that the meal times are respected the meal time and schedule visits around them. Due to the privacy and respect for the other residents it is helpful for families/friends at meal times to either wait in residents room. If you wish to visit at meal time to dine with your loved one the home will require notice to prepare extra food and set up a private dining area. As there are clients with unique needs.
            Meal time schedules:
     ~Breakfast 8:00 – 9:30
                        ~Lunch 11:30 – 1:00
                        ~Dinner 4:30 – 6:00