My name is Mary Adams sister to Elinor Mollins. My sister Elinor had open heart surgery two years ago in January. My brother and i had the task of finding Elinor a "Special Care Home" to be cared for under her surgeons advice. I choose Meadow Valley as it was close for to visit Elinor and after talking with Joyce I felt as though a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. When I walked into the Home with my sister i was amazed to see how lovely her new home was. Joyce introduced my sister to the other residents and immediately i thought "this is the perfect place for my sister". After all the paperwork was complete, which was a lot for my head to take in we were shown Elinors room and she was happy to see the lovely yard outside as we love a country setting of trees, birds and even deer. She says "I sit at night and look for the stars, but i only see one "I said maybe it is our family Mom, Dad and our two brothers all looking down at you. I did leave feeling happy having found the perfect place for my sister but yet a little sad that i was not able to care for Elinor on my own. I have since realized that without Meadow Valley Manor i probably would be in a bad state. Elinor loves the home cooked meals and having gained thirty pounds the staff has done a good job. The family is made aware of any appointment, medication to be refilled, upcoming events, even taking notice of small things as nails need trimmed or booking a hair appointment. Joyce and the staff are so giving of themselves to provide the best quality of life for my sister and all the residents there. Having given a little of my time to do crafts with the residents i truly feel as they are not only Elinors extended family but i now consider them my extended family as well. So i say from the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to Joyce Barrett and the staff of Meadow Valley Manor. I do believe in prayer and it was not me that worked through the paperwork or finding Meadow Valley Manor but the sweet Lord above who already knew that this Home is the best place for my sister to be.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Mary Adams


 Meadow Valley Manor has taken great care of my Mom for 3 years. The staff are caring, kind, and accommodating at all times. On one occasion when my Moms bed fell apart, they freely gave her a great replacement. This facility has provided my Mom with a good quality of life as an Alzheimer patient. She always seems happy and has always had a positive, kind things to say about her stay. In conclusion, Meadow Valley Manor offers a smaller, low-key setting which makes my Mom feel safe and secure. I would l ike to recommend that others should consider it for their loved ones.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Paulene Price 



 Several years ago, my elderly aunt and father were taken in by Meadowbank Mannor, as they were not able to live alone and take care of themselves due to age and various medical conditions. The thought of this happening, for me was, to say the least, nerve racking. My father and aunt were always able to take care of themselves and each other. Dad was more willing, but my aunt didn't want anything to do with it. she would plead not to put her in there. I didn't have a choice, there were no other family members around and I couldn't take care of them on my own. In the time that my aunt and father lived at Meadowbank Mannor they both received the absolute best care possible. They were treated with care and respect and Meadowbank was not just a place to keep them safe, but it was HOME for them, and the staff and owner saw to to it that my family felt at home. I felt very comfortable knowing my father and aunt were residents at Meadowbank Mannor, I was always sure that they were in good hands, and I was always informed of any issues that would arise. Any time that i would go to visit, and this would be quite often, I would be greeted by friendly staff and called by name. i would always be invited to their Christmas parties and they would have birthday parties for them. I could drop in any time and feel welcome. In my opinion Meadowbank Mannor was the absolute best place for my father and aunt to be. I would highly recommend this place it is HOME. Thank you Joyce Barrett and thank you to all the staff for the exquisite care that you gave my father and aunt.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Christopher Deep



 Thank you for your kind thoughts of mom and I want to thank you and your staff again for the great care that you gave her when she was with you. - Peter Irish 



 This letter is regarding the Meadow Valley Manor where my mother, Myrtle Watts has been living for three years. We would not have taker her there had it not been so highly recommended. The staff are very good with her and we are very happy to have her there. - Dorren White 



 My mother Evelyn McIntyre was very independent spirit, until she broke her hip in July 2006. It was at that time she would require the services of a Special Care facility. Of course, all of our family were dreading this juncture in her life's journey, and began a search for her new home. We were thrilled with the opening of the Meadow Valley Manor in Quispamsis, NB. Mom accepted the inevitable and was excited to move into her "new home" on September 13, 2006. Her bedroom was decorated with pictures and special mementos along with her own bedroom set, TV and chair. She gathered with other residents in the sunny kitchen, to share tasty and nutritious meals. There was a large great room to gather in to talk, watch TV, greet her many visitors, or just snooze in her comfy chair. The atmosphere was happy, as the staff was so attentive and caring for Mom and the other residents. Any concern they voiced, be it food, entertainment, or environment was addressed, and changes accommodated in the best interest of all concerned. In fact, I cannot single out one particular member of Joyce Barrett's staff, as both individually and as a team, they met and exceeded our family expectations. Unfortunately, her health continued to deteriorate. The staff made every effort to meet her needs; adjusting her  menu as they would for their own family, and including nutritious supplemental drinks and snacks. Thus, despite her decreased appetite, the staff provided such requests as gravies and sauces, in an effort to make her meals more enticing. The loss of one's independence is a cruel fact of life that the empathetic staff there face daily. With my Mom, the added insult of incontinence, and the need to call upon them many times during the night, was a heavy burden that was lightened by their compassion for her plight. My Mom's life journey ended at the Manor on Saturday, January 13, 2007. She was surrounded by her family, "at home" in her own bed, with the staff of Manor quietly, and respectfully attending both Mom's and our every need. We feel privileged to have found the Meadow Valley Manor for our Mother's last home. Thank you one and all, for sharing in Mom's final journey with love and dignity.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Debbie McIllwraith



 I have been meaning to tell the story of the journey my mother, Theresa Bois traveled before finally arriving at her new home at Meadow Valley Manor. It was also my intentions to express my thanks and gratitude to the many people who have assisted in the transition in written form for a very long time and I do sincerely regret not doing it sooner.

On April 6, 2006 my mother's life changed completely when she fell and fractured her hip badly. Being an only child I found that my life and the lives of my husband and teenage daughter changed as well on that day. Having never married my mother had always been very independent person. As a result of her fall she now needed the help of the medical professionals, physiotherapists and social workers to assess her health and over all well being for the future.

At the time of my mother's fall she was in very poor health, medically, physically and mentally. Her weight had dropped to approx. 85lb and she had become a very frail and her mental state was poor. The surgeon who attended to her fracture repaired her hip to the best of her ability considering the weakness of her bones. After a 5-6 week stay in hospital, my mother was transferred from the St. John Regional Hospital to the "Restorative Care Unit" of the St.  Joseph's Hospital. During the 3 1/2 months at St. Joe's she progressed somewhat with her mobility and weight gain.

Nearing the end of her stay in the unit the medical staff, physiotherapists and social workers determined that my mother required 24/7 care in the form of special care home. Their recommendations regarding a special care home were very specific. I promptly then started the very serious task of finding a new home for my mom. The list of special care homes in the greater St. John area was long but the staff at Health and Community Services helped me shorten the list.

The first place I viewed on the revised list was a new special care home, owned and operated by Joyce Barrett. Actually the home was still under construction and had not opened as yet. Ms. Barrett was very accommodating and offered me a viewing of the new facility with the understanding that the special care home was expected to open in a few short weeks. I found the facility very bright and functional for the special needs required by my mother.

Even though I had a good feeling about the facility, I was not prepared to settle on the first special care home I viewed. I proceeded in viewing the other homes noted on the list but found negative issues with all that i visited. When all was said and done I came back to Joyce Barrett and indicated that I would like to reserve a room for my mother, Theresa.

My mom was discharged from St. Joe's in early August of 2006 and she was one of the first few residents at Meadow Valley Manor. When she walked into the place she immediately fell in love with her room and the facility as a whole. The staff made a special effort to maker her fell comfortable and they helped her adjust to her new home, always with a smile and a helping hand.

Unfortunately my mother had a set back in early October when she injured her hip as result of poor healing. During her hospital stay lat last fall to replace the damaged hip, Joyce Barrett took time out of her busy days to visit my mom in the hospital. Ms. Barrett was always positive and reassured my mom that all the staff and residents were looking forward to her return to the manor.

My mother has thrived since she become a resident of Meadow Valley Manor. She has gained weight due to the good home cooked meals at the manor and she feels very safe and secure in her new home as a result of the new friendships she has made with the other residents and staff. My mother's medical health has also improved and stabilized over the past few months since she is receiving her meds on schedules basis.

Although my mother's life changed completely as a result of her fall, I can now  honestly say today that I beleive that through God's intervention my mother is now experiencing a better quality of life at Meadow Valley Manor then if she had been able to remain in her own residence for the rest of her days on this earth. If you could have seen the medical and mental health condition my mother was in prior to her fall, to where she is now, you would agree with me totally. Life takes some strange turns sometimes but this turn was definitely for the better.

For those of you who are reading this letter and are considering placing a family member under the care of Joyce Barrett and her trained staff, please take my recommendation to heart. If you chose Meadow Valley Manor as the  next home for your loved family member, i hope in time that all of you will find atmosphere at the manor the next best thing to being "home". This is the case of my mother, Theresa, myself and my family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Patrica Russell



 I am writing to express the appreciation of the entire Freeze family for the care and treatment that you and the staff of Meadowbank Manor have extended to our mother. When our  mother first went to your special care home, she was very resistant and upset at the prospect of going. She was concerned that she would lose her independence, her individuality and her family.

Our mother has grown to very much enjoy her time at Meadowbank Manor. She is comfortable both physically and socially. She very quickly has come to see Meadowbank Manor as home. We would like to thank you for the welcome that you have shown to us whenever we come visit. This has gone a long way to ease her fears and ours as well.

It has gone unnoticed, all of the extra that you do, not only for our mother, but for all the residents, Mom often comments on the wonderful meals, foot care, massages, and special events.

Please pass on our appreciation to the rest of the staff for all that they do in caring for our mother with dignity and respect. You have done so much to make our family comfortable in the fact that she is receiving the best, loving care that is possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Barry Freeze 



 My mother's move to Meadow Bank Manor, has had a profound and positive affect on our entire family. We all have peace of mind knowing that her needs for care are met at consistently high levels.The warm and caring attitude of the management and staff have created an environment in which my mother is according to her physician, and our own observation, thriving. She has improved physically, mentally and emotionally since making Meadow Bank Manor her home. She has become engaged in life once again now that she has the three "C's" so important to everyone - CARE, COMPANIONSHIP, and COMFORT.

I have no hesitations in recommending Meadow Bank to anyone who is seeking an assisted care facility and have done so in the past. It is a pleasure to visit my mother, taker her on outings and spend time with her now that she has once again found purpose and joy in her life since coming to Meadow Bank Manor.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Izabell Fagan



 We wanted to send you this note to thank you so very much for the care that you and your staff provided to Mom over the past several months. She would always tell people what a beautiful home she was in and how much she loved it at Joseph's Care Home. The caregivers were kind and helpful and she truly enjoyed her time there.

Of course we are just getting used to the idea of her not being here with us and I'm sure that there are many difficult moments ahead, but we truly take comfort in the fact that she was so happy right up until the end of her life.

We wish you nothing but continued success and Gods blessings on the work that you do!

"The greatest blessing in the whole world is to be a blessing to someone else"        

                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Janet Veinot and Pat Currie